TicketsatWork - Flight

Nov 30, 2021

kendall Lewis — USA

Due to scheduling reasons, I needed to change my flight. Employee Alexa Verdi assured me that I was given a flight credit ticket to be used at a later date. The only reason I continued with the cancellation was due to the incorrect information and promise that I was given. (Attached email) Even though the total credit amount I was told I have was significantly less than the initial ticket price, I was not able to use the credit to schedule a flight for Thanksgiving. I was ignored and pushed to the side for weeks until told I wouldn't be able to use the credit because the airline did not give me the promised flight credits. Due to the lack of professionalism and accountability, I was not able to attend the holidays with my family. After being lied to and told to contact the airlines showed the company does not upload their word of honor and will make guarantees and not fulfill them. It's upsetting to know that they can say "It's not our fault" or "Not our problem." after they were the initial reason why I am in this situation. This is an unprofessional company and/or poorly trained.

Case #: TW379818