Tire Works Total Car Care - Repair my car, 1996, My name is Khur S. Bashah, 3260 Paiute Blvd. Pahrump, NV. 89061.

Nov 18, 2021

Khur S. Bashah — 3260 Paiute Blvd. Pahrump, NV. 89061, USA

The reason I am sending this complaint, I took my car to Tire Works 2015, 660 State Street Pahrump, NV. 89048. Ph# [protected].
They said the repair they done is:
Over Heating and Loosing Coola lower and upper Engine Intake Labor Engine Total: 155.00, 192.00total 356.50.
Intake Manifold Bolt Kit Total 814.48
Radiator Total 339.99
Labor-Cooling System 93.00
Item only and is not intended to problems such as Overheating 34.95
Cooling Chemical Kit 53.97
Antifreeze Disposal fee 4.00
Parts and labor total 581.93
Spark plug wire set 82.99
Sparkplug 83.94
Sub Total 166.93
Val Synpower 5Kw30 Oil 74.00
FVP Battery 184.98
Vip Member Discount 300
Intake bolts 45.99
Front Engine Kit 73.99
Temp Sender (75.00)
Service Discount 255.02
Total $2070.73 dollars, they send to Tire work Card.
Create Date 10/19/21
Make Pontiac Model Grandam
The reason I mention after the car does not running, I tow my car to my house 11/16/2021.
They did not do nothing, please re-embers my $2070.73. Thank you.