Togo's Eateries - Customer Service

Apr 04, 2022

James R-of US

4-3-22 @ 7:45 pm Galt Ca Twin City location. I understand we are in difficult times and the product we select may be out. However my complaint appears to be not the service of the worker but the owner or whomever is collecting their the funds at this location. I can except the fact that product has to be gauged so product is not waisted at the end of the day. I showed up late and that there was only two choices of Bread( wheat or White). I can except the fact that there was no pickles or the green bell peppers. I asked the worker what she was putting on my sandwich and she said bell peppers it looked like smooched red small tomatoes. I can except the fact that the young employee was trying her best in the situation she was in but what I can't except is what appeared to be the owner and his total disregard to the customers waiting. When I first walked in. He was getting a soda, then he went behind the counter and was waiting for something. At first he looked like a service worker. I waited for at least five minutes for someone to show up at the counter. I went to the counter and asked the young lady serving the ice cream on the dryers side was anyone working the Togo's side. She went in the back to get her and the person who was drinking the soda never said anything. Several minutes past and I was just about to walk out and I see a transfer of money from the worker to the person drinking the soda. I can only assume he was the owner. Then I watched the young worker attend to the customer that had an online order who was waiting before me and her sandwich was in the microwave on the whole time she was dealing with the owner. It was burnt and she had to restart that sandwich. I can deal with having a bad sandwich or a young worker making my sandwich incorrectly but what I can not deal with is the lack of respect to the customers waiting to be severed and the owner of this establishment has the audacity to ignore them and put himself in front of the customer because it appears his time is more important. I will not go back to that location.