Toluna - Toluna - deduction of points

May 01, 2022

Eileen Bartlett-of Sherborne, GB

I was absolutely astounded this morning to discover that my points, which were around the 141,000 mark had dropped to 116,450. I checked my reward points as I assumed that someone had managed to access my account and claim part of the rewards. Upon checking, I discovered that points had been deducted on 28.02.22, 28.03.22 and 28.04.22 as they had expired. I had absolutely no idea whatsover that there was an expiry date and I had been trying to work my way up to a £35 Pay Pal reward. If there is an expiry date, then I think it only right that a reminder should be sent out to people, indicating that their rewards are about to expire. As if things aren't bad enough, some while ago I notified you that somehow I had two accounts as one was [protected] and one [protected] and to delete one. My correct email address is [protected] However, I lost both lots of points and access the surveys these days through a very old email as you no longer email me the surveys.

This wasn't meant to be a complaint, but I tried to notify you on your normal 'ticket' form and it comes up with 'an error has occurred'.