Tom Thumb - Employee named Camila at 4141 Avalon Blvd., Milton, FL 32583

May 09, 2022

Anita Moss-of US

On Friday evening May 6, 2022 around 6:00 PM I went into the Tom Thumb at 4141 Avalon Blvd.

One of the employees, named Camila, was working that shift on Friday night. I have not see here working there in several years, but I do remember she used to work there some years back. I said "hello" didn't you used to work here? She said that she could not answer that kind of question. OK, I said, then she continues that she may have alzheimers and could not remember me.

She came out to my car and insisted that i speak to her and to roll my window down so that she could talk to me. I told her that I had nothing to say - she kept insisting that I roll my window down and that she needed to speak to me. I opened my car door and she came close and wanted to ask if I was serious about what I said. From how she was talking to me, I told her to step back out of my zone and let me close my door - she did. I ignored her. She stormed off and called me a FAT PIG. She them went back into the store and told the other clerk in front of other customers, that I was a FAT PIG and that she hoped that all of my fat goes to my heart and that I die. I had the other clerk call the manager and we both told the manager what took place.