Total Body Experts - Order cancellation Policy is incredibly awful

Nov 18, 2021

CycleInIdaho — USA

My wife is fighting cancer. We got excited about buying a Keiser M3i bike for her recovery and placed an order last night after business hours. She was up all night stressed about it - not sure if we should do that right now. I contacted the company ( in the AM before they even opened and they are trying to collect a 20% cancellation fee on a technicality. They allow cancellations on the same "calendar day". We technically weren't trying to cancel on the exact same day, but it was well within a day (about 10-12 hours over night had passed). I begged and pleaded with them and haven't heard back. This is such an awful way to be towards customers. We had an order in for less than half a day (overnight while they were closed and we all slept). Let people cancel and don't be so awful to people please.