TotalProtect Home Warranty - Billing

Mar 07, 2022

Randy Kendrick-of US

We have been a customer with Total Home Protect (Cinch Home Services?) for many years. We have always paid by monthly direct draft $42.65 from our checking account. Recently I received an email that the payment was unable to be processed. This was due to a change in the Debit Card number and expiration date due to a bank merger between SunTrust and BB&T now known as Truist. When we tried to call and give the new card information the Cinch Services representative told us we were 8 months behind on payments and owed $362.09. We have the bank statements and the Total Home Protect statements that show otherwise. another representative also said that the $362.09 payment couldn't be processed as well. I tried explaining to them that we did not owe that amount and both employees were confused as to what I was talking about! Neither employee would or could help resolve the issue as they were totally clueless. With your company trying to draft an over the limit amount in my checking account it is causing overdraft fees at my bank. If I put a stop payment on it, that costs $35. Has something happened within the company that has caused a glitch in payment processing and or accounting? We have had to either stay on hold for an operator or have them call us back for an hour.