- Hodges Farm Equipment is a seller on your site. I purchased a New Holland 270 TL Loader

Feb 25, 2022

David Barrons-of Burleson, US

I spoke with the seller prior to the purchase. In his add and in conversation the sell said that the loader was new. Of the 2 loaders listed he recommend the more expensive of the two as it had the valve and the quick attached bucket

I wired the money to complete the transaction.

Wednesday 2/16/2022 8:30 AM I sent this email -- No response

My loader arrived yesterday. Did you ship the loader complete?

-- I asked this as maybe the shipper lost some of the parts.

Wednesday 2/16/2022 10:30 AM I sent this email -- with no response

Attached are pictures and a list of Hydraulic and Mounting parts that I am missing.

The Joy stick is not the correct for this valve.

Thursday 2/17/2022 8:22 AM I sent this email -- No response

Good Morning.

Just a quick update.

Last night I was plumbing the valve and discovered that you have sent too many hoses.

I should have received 3 hoses and 5 were sent. 2 of the hose are the same the other 3 are different. One hose should be 3/4" but that hose was not sent. The fittings screwed into the valves do not match hoses provided. Which is odd because the loader was sold as new.

In the picture, this loader was sitting next to another New Holland loader. My guess is that the hydraulic parts and mounting hard became intermingled.

Attached are pictures of the 5 hoses.

Please let me know what you have found on the missing parts list.

I called the seller today. He sys he has not found any of the missing parts.