Trainline - Train from Shrewsbury to Wellington

Nov 20, 2021

Donna Haywood — Telford, England, Shropshire, United Kingdom

Myself and my son caught the train from Wellington train station to Shrewsbury it was great. We then got on the train from Shrewsbury to Wellington after our theatre show had finished. 4.41pm. The train stopped at Wellington (where my car was) we stood pressing door open with a crowd of others it didn't open. We went to the other door the train then started moving. The train conductor was lovely but could not do anything as the the next stop from Oakengates was Telford and this meant waiting an hour for the next train. Myself and 14 year old son who suffers from anxiety had to get off at Oakengates and order a taxi to Wellington. This is not the service I expect and in future I will not get a train. My son said let's go by train as it's an adventure! An adventure it was and now it's put him off. I did it to save my anxieties about parking etc but it actually made both our anxieties worse! No wonder people don't use trains. There was also a disabled lady in a wheelchair who could not get off!!! As noone had put the ramp down at Wellington I am appalled at this. This was a total mess.

Therefore a lovely day at the the theatre turned into a late nightmare.
I paid for this and then had to pay more to get my car.