- 6 day all inclusive trip to Dominican republic ruined

Feb 12, 2022

pdubzz-of claymont, US

Completely ruined our vacation. Our travel agent did not notify us of our change in departure flight, so we came to the airport at 4m for no reason. (Well, I guess it was practice for the next day / morning flight). I talked to the supervisor, and she said that flight changed, and we should automatically be sent an email to let us know.. Neither me nor my SO received any sort of email from jet set or Spirit. We checked spam folders, everything, and nothing was there. Regardless, I would expect a phone call to notify us... that would take 2 minutes, maximum, and good "customer services".

Screw up #2: when we got off our inital flight to go to our connecting flight the following day, we were told the plane already departed... So, we had to geta hotel in Floriday and get a flight the next day (that's another unexpected $200 expense for food, shelter, and taxi). When we finally get to out all-inclusive hotel at the DR, the front desk has us down for a different room (1 full bed), when we were told 1 King) than what we booked. Our travel agent was emailing my SO the whole time, so we assumed it would be sent to her, yet again, nothing. We had to call the travel agency and have them email our real reservation. To top that off, we had to pay an extra $160 for the day we "missed" / due to travel agency's fault. Absolute disaster that lingered with us the whole vacation. ... As you can see where this is going, there is no need for this travel agency. My SO and I wound up doing the majority of the work ourselves. Our 2k vacation turned in to a 3k vacation just like that. I feel like I just wasted my years' worth of vacation time, constantly stressing to make sure everything was set.

TBJ, some advice; tell you agents to call its consumers to make sure they have everything they need or have any questions. It is a lot quicker and easier to understand over the phone rather than email ever other day.