Travelex Currency Services - Travelex Card top up

May 15, 2022

aus_scull-of Wyoming, AU

I tried to top up a card. It turned out that the card was expired. I was not aware that the card had an expiry date.The website did not ask for the expiry date. If this was an option on the website I would have realised prior to transferring the money. I transferred the money through my ANZ banking app. using the travelex email to generate all the account details. I received an email saying that the money had not been put onto the card. I rang through to the call centre for help. They said that I could order a new card that would arrive the week AFTER I return from my trip. I went to NZ to visit family for the weekend only. I explained that would not be suitable and I would have no use for a card with money on it AFTER returning from my overseas trip. This concept seemed difficult for the call centre person to understand. I asked If I would be able purchase a card at the airport and have the money put on the account then. I was told that Sydney International airport no longer sold the cards and they had to be ordered online. I gave up in frustration and decided to try and fix things today as I have arrived back in australia. All I want is an email to say that the money is going back into my account and should be back in my account Approximately by this date. And a contact person to speak with if this does not happen. I was also made aware of money taken from my card when it was not used for more than 13 months. I was not aware of this and do not believe that I received any correspondence regarding this.