TravelHouseUK - Refund for deposit

Feb 14, 2022

SiMzuzile UNtombikayise KaNgwenya-of US

£50 is owed to me for a flight reservation I made with TravelHouseuk. Payment was taken from my bank account on Monday 31 January 2022. I then emailed the travel agent, namely Ken Douglas, informing him to cancel my booking. I sent the first email on 3 February, followed by a phone call on 4 February. He claimed he had not seen my email and he asked that I re-send it, which I did on the same day. Upon no acknowledgement of my emails, I emailed again on 9 February, this time copying in their customer services. Up until today, I have heard nothing from neither Ken nor any customer service representative. I am claiming this refund due to the fact that on the initial email sent to me by the travel agent, with my booking details, the company states that refunds are permitted for un-ticketed reservation/booking, which is the case with my reservation. It's the lack of communication on their part that irks me.