- Cheated off of my money

Feb 06, 2022

Torylawyer-of Johannesburg, ZA

I made a booking with for a flight for two weeks ago. Unfortunately due to a covid policy I was not allowed to board my flight. I immediately contacted Qatar airways who directed me back to I stayed on the phone with them for an hour and they finally told me that they would refund my flight but would deduct some taxes and service days. They asked me to confirm the refund amount on their site to process it and confirmed that they have processed my refund.I was informed that I would be refunded within 7 days. It's been 2 weeks and no refund do I contacted them again then suddenly they made me begin a new refund request and now I'm told that I won't be refund. I will only be given 47$ for tax and asked to confirm this...WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL? Noone is giving direct answers and communication is a nightmare. Why is my money being cheated? I read their policies co-vid and it stated that I qualify for a refund. There is a big difference between the two amounts offered.