True Homes - They built the house they wanted and not the one I chose

Apr 17, 2022

Deuces202-of Wendell, US

I selected what house I wanted to be built. I would go out weekly to keep an eye on the progress. This is my 1st house being built.

When I saw that the house they were building didn't look like the house I picked out, and I asked the about it they told me that the choices I made at the design studio made it look like this. They said it had something to do with the "elevation". My question was ".. how does an elevation (thinking it just had to do with the " height" of the house) change the whole entire appearance of the house"?

At the time I did not understand or think I had a choice but accept it. I closed on my home in April 2020 at the beginning of COVID lockdown. I later looked on their website and was shocked to see that the home they built appears to be the the same type of homes they are now building as duplex/townhouses.

I personally believe they built what "they"wanted to build.

Looking back I am not pleased and I feel that they knew what they were doing when they did it, and blamed me for it which is really sad and I feel it was highly deceptive on their part.

The blue house pictured to the left is the house I chose to have built. They took a picture of me and my realtor with a picture of THAT house. The house on the right is similar to the house they built and what my house looks like currently. BIG DIFFERENCE !

As far as I am concerned there could not have been a selection I could have made at the design studio to completely change what was built versus what I wanted built.

I had to pay an upgrade for the lot my home was built on. The house I chose to have built was within my budgeted amount I had to spend on a home.

Where I was initially pleased with my home basically because I felt I was stuck with it, I now see after looking over True Homes website that there is a difference between what I wanted and what I got.

I recently call True Homes with my concern and I have not heard back from them.