Turisprime - Klasswagen Car Rental Company

May 03, 2022

Terri Tyler-of US

We rented a car from April 13th to the 23rd in Lisbon. We have two issues. On the morning of the 23rd when we tried to start the car, it would not start. The natural assumption is that we left something on, but we didn't (as I will explain later how we know this). We attempted contacting Klasswagen but all they said was that it was our own fault and they would not help us. Four hours later we were finally able to resolve it ourselves.

The bigger concern came as we were trying on the highway and the brakes would not work when we tried to avoid a truck that pulled out in front of us. Again, I can understand your skepticism, like, really?, how can that be?

The fact is, when we returned the car, the company was not able to start it again. The battery should have been fully charged after a 4 hour's drive!

We think there is an electrical problem with the car that they are ignoring. The customer service department keeps insisting that it was just a dead battery and we left something on.

Best of luck to the next people who rent the car. Who knows what will happen?