TV Ears - TV Ears Voice Clarifying Headset/Battery

Apr 28, 2022

jbryant009-of Beaumont, TX, US

I have purchased TV Ears products for 20+ years. A little over a year ago, I purchased the TV Ears Voice Clarifying sound bar bundle, which included the sound bar, duel headsets, transformer and necessary cables.

When my batteries started to fail, I went to their website, to purchase new batteries. (Which I have always done in the past). The website does not have separate listing for the new 5.8 battery. The site indicates to call their telephone number. Their telephone rep said that you can not buy the batteries separately, you have to purchase new headsets, with the batteries already installed. The new headset cost $80, but they will discount them 50%, $40 for one, $80 for two. This is more than triple the cost of previous batteries.

There is nothing in their advertisment, indicating that the batteries would require buying complete new headsets.

I am certain that many other customers have run into this same problem. I did ask the rep why I could not return my headsets, and have new batteries installed. The rep said they could not because the new batteries come already installed in the new headsets.

Please advise.