Uber Eats - McDonalds Driver complaint

Mar 26, 2022

Gabriela Cadariu-of US

I just placed a normal order, the pick up point wasn't even far from my house, you could easily walk. My delivery guy named Utpol picked my order and never came to me. I was waiting outside for him!

Then Uber gave me a notification saying that the driver tried to call me and I didn't picked up, which is not true, I was always with my phone in my hand, on the APP. A texted the driver through the app and he didn't even read the messages. Tried to call him, I would get into the voice mail strait. THIS IS UNBELIEVEBLE, I AM REALLY PISSED OF WITH THIS DRIVER. Give him a warning or something, that s not normal. And I hope that for a situation like this where uber cancelled my order because 'the driver coudn t reach me' i will get my money back!


Not the first time when I have issues with a driver