UCLA Health - Dermatology office Santa Monica

Feb 07, 2022

khimani-of Los Angeles, US

I was under the care of Dr Bashir for the dark spot on my cheek. She gave me compound prescription to put on my face for 2 months and stop for one month and see her in 3 months. I followed her instruction and saw her after 3 months by that time the dark spot were return back. She told me to put for another 3 months and take a break for 1 month and have another prescription cream to put after three months but my whole face became dark and discolored. I email the doctor and got a response that the doctor has left UCLA. I called to schedule an appointment with another Dermatology. I got the appointment for April. I email the new doctor saying it is an emergency and I need to see her. They gave me the appointment the following monday and when I went to see her the first thing is I don't specialize in this condition- I do mostly cosmetic and said that I dont give this cream to my patient to put not longer than a month. I had to force her to see what can I do to make my face back to normal. She gives me another prescription. I had to push her to talk about peeling/laser and than she said the peeling would needed to do 5-6 times before I can see the difference. I schedule an appointment for peeling for in end of February. Doctor ask me to see another doctor in the group but of course the appointments are two months away. My whole face is discolored and has affected emotionally and socially. UCLA has the pictures of my face which they have taken everytime I go see the doctor.