Umpqua Bank - unauthorized debit card charges after ordering new card

Feb 24, 2022

Jared Hubbard-of US

I reported my debit card lost or stolen to customer service and they told me no problem we will cancel it and send a new one. They sent a new card, 3 months later i receive a statement and it has charges from both card numbers. I called customer service and reported my new card lost or stolen as well and they tell me "yes it should have been canceled when we ordered the new card, i dont know how that happened" . I then received paper in mail saying it had been more then 60 days since the first fraudulent charge so they would not cover any of it, even though the last charge was only 5 days prior to me reporting it. This was their mistake and so they should cover the charges that occurred because of it no matter how long ago it was. This was reported 01-14-22 and the first charge was 10-02-21 but the statement didnt come until 11-01-21. I have since had 400 dollars in overdrafts because of this missing money.