US-Immigration - illegal Imgrations needs an investagation

Apr 26, 2022

Ted Apostoleris-of Ann Arbor, US

please have a officer of the Government call me about a building complex has illegals' immigrations lives in the complex. Hidden Valley Apartments at 600 Hidden Valley Club Drive, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103 The property manager unfit and property is poorly managed, police are in and out of the complete all 24 hours a day, with small crime to large. The date of this is 4/26/2022, I live in the complex until May 27th 2022. My name is Ted Apostoleris , 615 Hidden Valley Drive Apartment 117, Ann Arbor Michigan 48104

phone numbers to reach me are [protected], and cell phone is [protected]

i walked the premise and hardly anyone spoke English. This is a University of Michigan Town. many people even friends told me that they come here because anyone would rent to any one else. The Property manager is unfit.. to be a manager. They want me out because I'm a whistle Blower. Please protect my identity Theodore Apostoleris Driver license A-[protected]