U.S. Xpress - Truck driver (US.DOT.303024) trailer was target.com DOT.(559173)

Apr 11, 2022

Macon Ferguson-of Pell City, US

I was driving down the interstate between Brompton Alabama and Cook springs Alabama and I had to pull over for a second when I went to get back on the interstate there were no cars in the far too right lanes but semi truck on the inside right lane he was about a quarter mile back maybe half a mile back when I went to get on I have my flashers on but not my headlights and I got on and immediately I'll turn my headlights on he could see my flashers there was no cars in the left two lanes and nothing behind him within a few hundred feet he proceeded the bright light me the whole time and he never got close enough to hit me only enough to obstruct my driving with his headlights I tried to slow down and let him go by me he proceeded not to pass me but stay behind me and bright like me this went on for about three or four miles finally I got behind him and when he seen that I was taking a picture of his trailer number which is target.com 5591-73 and his truck US Xpress. 303024 he decided to call the law because I have a scanner and said that I got on the interstate and cut over in front of him with no headlights on which is a lie I hope they have a recorder in the truck because I have one of my car that recorded everything I figured instead of calling the law would be better to call and report the truck driver to the corporate office but I will be contacting my lawyer about him making false accusations to the sheriff's department about me and brought lightning pedestrians thank you sincerely hope you improve your truck drivers