UT Health East Texas - Medicare Billing

Mar 17, 2022

FrankMax-of Canton, US

Having been in the Medicare and Medicare Supplement world for only one ear, I have been very pleased with my insurance coverage, coupled with the dismissal of balances due by service providers, for ALL providers except UTHeath where I'm stuck paying virtually the full amount. My first issue with UTHealth was when Medicare said that there was a "coding error" by UTHealth. After working this situation for weeks, I gave up and paid the full amount. Now I have a bill for nearly the full amount simply for an office visit. The UTHealth Billing Department representative told me that UTHealth uniquely bills separately for the doctor and for the "use of clinic and equipment". He said that because of this, Medicare usually doesn't pay for HOPD (Hospital Out Patient Dept) charges. This disconnect between UTHealth's billing practices and Medicare's non-acceptance of them will force me to seek services elsewhere.