UtilEbill - Furnace

Nov 26, 2021

Mary Y-L — Markham, Canada

I purchased a furnace from Energywise. Prior to signing to contract, i had email confirmations from (1) the sales rep, Anthony Pillay, and (2)the corporate head office of Energywise confirming the price of the furnace should i decide to purchase it after two years. Two months prior to the 2nd anniversary date, i tried calling energywise only to find out they are no longer in business (possibly operating under a different name) and had sold my contract to Utilebill. When i contracted utilebill, they refused to honour the agreement. I went into medical depression due to my dealings with utilebill which is still not resolved. Recently, they sent me letters and emails stating that enbridge no longer wants to collect on their behalf and they are requesting for pre-authorized payment. I am willing to pay monthly but NOT with any pre-authorized payments. I was told there is no other option.
When i called recently, i was told my contract has now been sent to another finance firm, VERTTAG. Unfortunately, this company also requires pre-authorized payment and has not set themselves up with reputable financial institutions for online banking. I was told that should i not sign up for pre-authorized payment, i will be charged additional $5 for paper invoice. I requested for email invoice (which is free) and was told NOT possible as they do not send out emails.
At this point, i have no idea who owns my contract as i still get mails from utilebills requesting for pre-authorized payment but the phone call states otherwise.