Vacations To Go - Refund runaround

Jan 27, 2022

Butch1016-of US

My family and I booked a cruise through Vacations to Go with Royal Caribbean for Aug 29.
Reservation Numbers: # 1332110, #1334375, #1336206
I was told by your employee Dthomas that I could cancel the vacation up to two weeks before the set sail date. At that time Covid was on the rise and the cruise line implemented covid testing for all guests several times throughout the cruise at the cost of the passenger, with a family of (7) this was very expensive. We were also receiving word that ports were closing due to Covid so my family and I had to cancel the cruise.
I requested a refund and was told by Dthomas that he checked but Royal Caribbean refused to a refund but would give cruise credit. I argued that and presented a flyer stating that we could cancel for full refund. I called again and DThomas no loner worked for Vacations to Go and I spoke with Jordon Brazil who stated she would look into the situation. She did get back to me and told me she was going to hand it off to her supervisor Jared Legoux. I waited 5/6 weeks and heard nothing from Jared. I called and he did get back to me apologizing stating he had somehow forgot about my situation but would look into it right away. I did receive another call from him in November stating that I would receive a full refund but it would take 30 to 45 days.
I notified him again Jan 20th and he apologized and stated the request for refund fell to the bottom of the pile and he would submit it now and it would take another 30 to 45 days.
I find this to be very dissatisfying and concerning. I phoned Royal Caribbean and they had very little to say but basically pointed back to Vacations to Go.
As I have told Jared, we are talking about a refund of over $9200.00, this is a lot of money for an average American.
I am asking for someone to call me and tell me that my refund will be paid out immediately. I have waited patiently however I am prepared to advise my lawyer to start proceedings. I have also been in touch with our local television station that does a "Buyer Beware Segment" and help people who have been treated unfairly. I would like to think all of this was an error and will be handled in a professional manner, I just want my money back.
Please have someone call me to let me know they heard my complaint and what they plan on doing.
Walter Barron