Valley Vet Supply / Valley Veterinary Clinic - get me off your mailing list. you are polluting the planet

Apr 01, 2022

Susan Wolf-of US

i bought one or two items over the years. i'm not a big fan, their prices are the same as everyone elses and shipping is high. now i get their paper junk mail every week sometimes a few times a week. i call, i email, i fill out their unsubscribe page. i don't want their catalogues. its junk, it goes inthe dumps. it makes the world a very dirty place. i have bad knees, i have an arm in a sling. i fall all the time when i have to carry their paper garbage to the recycle bin. i promise i will never purchase anything from these [censored]s again. i never asked for their catalogues. i cant stand anything in printed ink. leave me alone