Vancouver Career College - Comunication/ NO RESPONSE

Mar 02, 2022

Venita Webb-of US

First of all I did make a complaint a little while ago because I had given some CGFNS forms that needed to be filled out along with my transcripts and well after 3 months I did not get them. So they put me in touch with one of the directors of nursing. And communication was great until they sent the forms. Now I’m being told by CGFNS that they were not fully filled out and they have to be redone. I have emailed and I attempted calling (I just get voicemail of some guy when the person I was in contact with was a lady named Nicole). Apparently putting in a complaint is the only way to get someone to be in contact with you so I tried to call again to just put in a complaint with the school and the representative forward me to reception. Who was very confused as to why my call was put to there. Now it has been almost 5 months and I still don’t have complete filled out forms.

And I did also send an email to [protected] and did not get a response from them