Varun Motors / Varun Maruti - False Billing of Vehicle Service_Request for Refund

Feb 03, 2022

karthik ramesh-of US

Dear Sir/Mam,

I got my Celerio Vehicle Serviced today 03-Feb-2022. In that , they have unncessarily included charges for Interior Protection Covers and for Wax Top Kit.

When I called Mr Ranjtih to enquire , who is an AGM for Nanakramguda (Mobile Number : [protected]), he has replied very rudely and arrogantly stating that , "When hospitals are including amount for PPE kits and for other surgicals instruments, why can't we include the charges for Protection covers


May I request the management to clarify me , whether is this an appropriate way to behave.

The issue is :

1. Unncessarily billed for Wax Top Kit 100ML bearing 295 Rupees , which was never used and for Interior Protection Covers bearing 50 Rupees . Totalling to 345 Rupees which is utter false expenses and for which I would like to get the amount refunded.

2. Rude and Arrogant Behavior of Mr Ranjith who is an AGM of Nanakramguda.

My Mobile Number : [protected]

My Name: Ramesh Karthik.