VCA Animal Hospitals - Emergency vet service

Jan 11, 2022

Angie Linde — Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, USA

Our pup had gotten sick throwing up and passed out, we rushed her to the nearest emergency vet (45 mins away) by the time we got there she was alert and sitting up. According to the vet my pups heart rate was really high and she was dehydrated. They took X-rays and put her on an IV. No blockage was found but we were told her lungs looked a bit inflamed. After an hour or 2 we were told that her heart rate while still a bit high her color was coming back and she was showing signs of improvement. We asked if we were able to take her home and take her to our regular vet in the morning. As soon as we asked this suddenly according to this vet our girl went on the decline yet again, but we were not allowed to see her. We were told that she was lethargic and had bloody stool, which didn't seem accurate because we could hear her barking. Our girl had a high pitched unmistakable bark. I have no idea what happened in there with my girl but this place, this vet aided in killing my pup. Someone had walked out of the back and there was my girl lying on a hard cold floor, no blanket no nothing. We have ZERO answers as to what happened and sooooo many questions. Every question we asked was answered with: well I don't know… we brought her there for help and answers and left with a dying 1 year old puppy and not one answer.

In the few hours we were there this place killed 2 other fur babies. 2 other fur babies died at their hands just in the 4 hours we were there. What kind of place are they running??? I firmly believe due to the lack of care and skill that this place killed my pup.

Now should we talk about the staff? Rude, cold, not empathetic at all, not informative. I could honestly keep going.

Our biggest concern was when we spoke to our regular vet the next morning to make arrangements they asked what happened we told them what went on and the response we got was: it's concerning that there are little to no notes or information left on our girls chart. Our regular vet apologized profusely stating they hope with this horrible experience that we will still trust vets going forward. THAT is a great vet! Care and compassion. VCA sucks and needs to be shut down!!

They are now trying to say we left AMA. All we have are discharge instructions