Vermont Castings - Vermont Castings Stardance Gas Stove

Apr 03, 2022

Anthony Pirrello-of Placerville, US

I am a long time Vermont Casting customer from 1984 to present day and over 4 homes that I have purchased and lived with Vermont Castings wood stove’s. I purchased a New Vermont Castings gas stove in 2018 and have had nothing but problems with it electrical computer ignition right from the start. I have yet to go one season with out multiple visits from technical support and I am extremely frustrated with this product. We just had the complete smart computer overhauled and I have to make another appointment to find out what is wrong again.

My advice is to stay away from Vermont Castings products because you will regret your purchase.

I’m going to replace this $3,800.00 peace of crap that is equipped with the finest Chinese technology (sarcasm).