- Versa Check X1

Dec 06, 2021

PerniPfaffers-of Irvine, California, United States

This is a despicable company and should be shut down for their sneaky and dangerous business practices. First of all when I bought their product back 10 years ago over the counter at Best Buy. It was simply check writing software that worked locally on your computer. NOW they have figured out a way to exploit the customer with forcing you to give them your routing number and account numbers to upload onto their website. Imagine this company gets your personal information now under the guise of protecting you. COMPLETE and UTTER Nonsense. They have now invaded your privacy.. I think this company was bought by identity thieves and now have not only become invasive into your privacy holding information that would make any crook Jealous! Now they have my company's most private information, where I will be forced to close my checking account out of fear I have been compromised.

They make it sound plausible that they have a right to this private info in order to force you to let THEM make checks for you instead of being able to make them yourself. They are now charging you to make each check for you, making this a MONSTROUS FRAUD. This company should be looked into by the Justice Dept. I am filing an official complaint with the Attorney General in their state as well as the FTC regarding them and any other regulatory agency to look into these people.