Vidaxl - Refund for substandard products

Mar 10, 2022

L_H-of Leiria, PT

Appalling service. I ordered two identical washbasins to be installed in one bathroom. The washbasins arrived in different colours (one brown, one grey), in different sizes and weights, impossible to install in one bathroom. I have contacted online chat 6 times. The first time Chris D. confirmed that ServiceXL guarantees return and refund of the products and that I would receive an email within 12 hours from the 'dedicated team'. A copy of the chat is available. The email has not arrived, so 24 hours later I started following up, the same questions and the same answer that a dedicated team would contact me. No resolution. 4th time I got through in the chat with the same Chris D. who mumbled something about the problem with SEUR and returns (?!?), then another agent promised to send immediately the return label. I asked to wait till I receive the email, he left the chat - the email with the return label never arrived. Now the chat does not even respond. What is going on, why are consumer rights being violated, and the company wastes my time and keeps my money that they took for a substandard product?