Village Hotels - Refund for Christmas Party

Dec 29, 2021

rnoh-of Stanmore, United Kingdom

Hi, I paid £420 for myself and 11 work colleagues from the RNOH in Stanmore to attend an event on 16th December at the Watford Village Hotel. Shortly after paying, the Omicron variant started spreading and as we are a hospital, we were advised by our Executive Directors not to attend any gatherings, so I emailed Customer Shyia Riggon and Adam Baker for a refund. Unfortunately, they have informed us that we cannot have refunds and to book another event at another time.
We do not wish to book an alternative event, we would like our refunds please.
The RNOH does lots of business with the Village Hotel and this does not look favourably for future bookings.
Please could you provide a refund of £420.