Village Hotels - very poor service ,lack of communication from staff

Dec 29, 2021

pamela richards-of Liverpool, England, Merseyside, United Kingdom

Family of 20 arrived for a 2 night stay for Christmas day and boxing day, booked festive meal for both days, the service for Christmas day meal was really bad, only 2 staff serving, menus mixed up, staggered service people getting there food all different times everyone getting stressed then unhappy with food, was supposed to be an un stressful day that's why we booked over Christmas it was a lot more stressful than if wed had stayed at home, the service was so up the wall really.
Then on boxing day we had booked again for festive meal which was ok as more staff on . We wanted to make sure sure we had tables for the evening and that we could have ordered food so booked a table for 730 for 15 and were guaranteed we could order food from pub grill that evening, had a conformation email from Joanne moss to confirm this .
At around 4pm on boxing day had a phone call from manager Reece to say we could not have the table we booked for 730 as no room as there was an event on, i explained we were at the event and that id had a conformation email to confirm this from Joanne Moss, i said to him do you not communicate with each other as Joanne had assured me it was booked, he said he would ring me back in few mins .he rang back said his mistake we could come down 730, i asked him if we could still order food, he said yes if its just like burgers and stuff will be ok .
we all went down at 730 got menus went over to order and were told not taking any orders for food, well you can imagine me and everyone fuming,
all these things made it very stressful for everyone and it was supposed to be a relaxing magical Christmas and was nothing like it the atmosphere in hotel was very stale considering it was Christmas .
This was our first Christmas stay out with family, the village Hotel has not given us any impression from the very poor service we got for trying this again.

Very disappointed family

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