Vimeo - Trying to Cancel my Subscription but getting run around

Feb 25, 2022

Ali Janes-of US

On 25th February 2022 I decided that after looking at all my outgoings I had to cut back so I called my bank to try and cancel my Debit Card Payment to you Vimeo for a monthly charge of £12.00. My bank informed me that I had to go straight to you to cancel this but if I had no luck they could set up a complaint in my name and direct to you my concerns about not being able to cancel with you. So as I am not using my Vimeo account I am trying to cancel my subscription. There is a complete run around when you try to do this. I have spent an hour looking around the site to do this. Its like you are happy to get your business but don't want anyone to leave. I don't need Vimeo and I WANT TO LEAVE. Can you please cancel this as soon as possible.