Vimeo - false advertising

Mar 11, 2022

TheReclusiveGamer-of US

these people are a scam,not only are they charging people hundreds of dollars to upload their videos,but they have a section where you supposedly can upload"mature"content...which they don't even make clear what constitutes as acceptable mature content that can be uploaded...i uploaded a gaming video that had mature content,nudity etc but they decided to remove it...I'm happy they showed how they operate so soon and before I was charged though...but never will I do business with this shady video hosting company again,the censorship is even worse then Youtube,atleast youtube doesn't charge you hundreds of dollars...not to mention the uploading process is horrendous on took me hours just to upload a video that was less then 2 gigabytes!They want to charge people hundreds of dollars and can't even provide a platform that has fast uploading speeds?These people are a scam and I see I'm not the only person that is calling them out for it...I'm going to cancel my credit card now in case they try to charge me,I don't trust these people.