Visible Changes - Horrific Bleach Process for $319

Feb 28, 2022

fabianna o-of US

On February 22, 2022 : 4pm-7pm, I went to get my hair bleached & this was the result. I understand that I had underlying colors from over 2 years ago on the lower parts of my hair, but this is unacceptable for $319. If the top part of my hair was natural right on my scalp which processes faster than any other piece, the lady should’ve known to do that first since it was less likely to get as bright as the top. Yet she started with the top since it was my natural dark hair. Once she realized that the top part of my hair was processing way faster than she expected, she basically rushed through the rest of my hair, which resulted in this. I know my hair is wet in these photos, but you can drastically see the difference in color, drastically. The lady was rushing through the process and she would leave me alone for longer than she said she would. She lied as well saying it was all even and bright blonde while washing and drying my hair. She didn’t even offer me a mirror or a 360 view to see my hai. I even did a strand test with that same lady 2 days before and it came out completely blonde on the BOTTOM of my hair which is the part that’s ORANGE in the pictures. I had stayed for 3 hours just to end up with this. I was the last one there because they were already closing so I was being rushed and I also had somewhere to be. The guy at the counter murmured $319, which sounded like $219 which was understandable if my hair was ACTUALLY BLONDE, so i gave him my card, signed the recipe and left out of consideration. It was until I had reached my car and was already driving when I saw I was charged $319 and NOT $219. So I called the next day and explained the situation and they talked about how the color wouldn’t lift as much which we all knew and that I need to email and send photos, but they said nothing else. This is highly unprofessional and the charge is insane. I could’ve done a better job myself at home with box bleach for less than 1/4th of the price for this nightmare. So, I thought at the very least I’d deserve a partial refund along with a hair fix & hair cut of no charge, but I’m getting no refund at all, just a free fix up where they’re not even going to lighten the bottom of my hair, they’re just going to match the BLONDE top to the ORANGE bottom. I PAID $319 FOR THIS HORRIBLE JOB. This is beyond ridiculous and completely unprofessional to do to a customer, I can’t believe I’m not getting a refund, if there’s any way I can even get a partial refund, I would really appreciate the help. Thank you.