Visible Changes - highlights

Mar 12, 2022

lil red 2008-of houston,tx, US

1st Appointment

Approximately August 2021

5015 westheimer rd ste11


I made an appointment last year and the personnel said that i coukd get the highlights I wanted but upon arrival at the store the manager said that she had to bleach all my hair to be able to get the highlights that i wanted. I agreed only because I didnt know any better thab what this manager was talking about. She short overweight and looks asian. I hope i have described her so that you are able to talk to her since she told my hairstylist that that was the only option for the highlights i wanted. I ended up looking like a dirty blond with highlights. My picture instruction where that i wanted my black roots but platinum highlights.

2nd Appointment

Second Appointment

Approximately Feburary [protected] westheimer rd ste11


I made an appointment with jose at 5015 westheimer ste 11. Jose came up to the front of the store and he said he could do the highlights. I specifically asked for the highlights in the picture with black roots and thick platinum highlights. So I this time Jose said that he could do them and I said ok i will pay only because you say you can do them if not i would of asked ask another hairstylist to do it. Attached is the picture 1 month and a half later after the black roots havegrown. I literally have grey hair with little highlights. The foils and selected hair where to many and they included small pieces of hair instead of less foils and thicker chuncks of hair selected to bleach and add color to it.

Today 3/12/2022

5015 westheimer rd ste11


Trans #35 Batch #68

The lady at the register couldnt schedule me to get the highlights redone. Again i wanted to talk to somebody about the highlights thick black rooted highlights. Sge said everybody if BUSY nobody can assist you since they are with clients. FINe the point is she forgot to give me my 20 dollars. I had paid Amir 30 in tip and I needed 20 back to replace that money in my wallet. So she said well dont include it in your tip section on the receipt i will just added to the total of haircut texturizer of 70.57. Grand total 90.57. So i left because she couldnt give me my change and when i came back the manager wanted to have the register counted shirt overweight asian looking lady. She thought i was lying and I was like i hope you dont think that i want to jack your 20 dollars well there i was waiting on her to count the register. She is just so rude with her face.