Visionworks of America - Neesha the so called manager

Dec 02, 2021

Visionworks30078GaNeeshaSUCKSASS — Snellville, Georgia, USA

Neesha the dark skinned "manager" at store 482 in Snellville is a horrible sales representative. She lacks any type of communication with anyone. The only thing she does all day everyday is sit on her butt on her cell phone on social media and gossip about other employees. I was there all day at one point for my follow up and she didn't look up from her phone once. And this happened four times in two weeks that I had to come into the store. Multiple employees and customers approached neesha asking for help and she redirected them to someone else. And this is what Visionworks hires as a manager? My 7 year old could do a better job than this. Because of this so called manager I know of, for a fact, five of my friends and family that went to Visionworks in Snellville and won't return because of neesha. Do not go to this store! She is a horrible sales rep/"manager" and drove me directly out the door!