W3 Solutions - Any excuse to not pay

Jan 21, 2022

Y Jimmy-of Calgary, CA

One hinge on my oven door is starting to act up. I contacted W3 Solutions and they immediately hand the ball to a claims company. Claims adjuster says the part is a wear and tear item. Pretty much the entire stove/oven is wear and tear. I guess that means nothing will be covered unless it is claimed within the first week of having the appliance.

Lesson here is to never buy extended warranty from warranty companies. How else do they stay in business? They pay a commission to the sales guys (in this case Canadian Appliance Source), they pocket the rest. And when you claim, they pay the claims adjuster if they can successfully shut you down and not pay for anything. Or in many cases, drag it out until you give up and just buy a new appliance.

I purchased warranty for my fridge directly from Whirlpool/Frigidaire and they were prompt in sending me a part and a technician to change out the part...even when it could be considered a wear and tear item.