WakeMed Health & Hospitals - Doctor Not Following Through on Treatment plan Promised

Jan 11, 2022

anomar71-of Dunn, North Carolina, US

My husband was a patient at WakeMed overnight on 1/5/2022. The doctor came in an 1/6/22 and told him he would discharge him and send someone to come out to the house to continue a daily treatment plan at home until recovered. When my husband got home and was looking into getting someone out to the house for the treatments, he was finally able to get hold of the caseworker, who basically told my husband the doctor did not write any of those things in his notes and did not discuss that with his team, so there would be no treatment plan. All of this, after being told originally that would be part of the plan for my husband to go home. My grown son heard the doctor tell my husband that was part of the release. So my husband goes home with oxygen and nothing else. Then was told since the doctor didn't discuss a follow-up plan with my husband's team, nothing was going to be done. My husband continued to get worse then out if the blue on Sunday morning the doctor suddenly called and told him an infection showed up and he would call in a prescription for my husband. He did, and my husband started to improve. However, that did not happen until I started asking questions about filing a complaint for this situation, as I was also in the hospital for my own situation at the time and having to deal with this too. My husband nor I should have been dealing with trying to straighten out our care, while we were trying to heal, all because the doctor was trying to free up a bed for a new patient, by promising my husband followup care when he got home, only to drop the ball until questions started being asked. At least that was the appearance.