WakeMed Health & Hospitals - Wake med Cary Emergency Room

Feb 23, 2022

Tamela Helmer-of US

Might as well treat yourself. Worst experience EVER! Was in Emergency Room (Wake med Cary) lobby for 5 1/2 hours after my primary doctor had me rush to this emergency room thinking I possibly could be having a heart attack after just visiting her across the street. Only thing they did was same ECO test as my doctor 15 min's prior to arrival. They took blood and had me set in waiting area with all the other people for 5 1/2 hours later, never checked on me, never updated me when I'd be seen. I finally got so frustrated I went to desk to ask when could I be seen. No one but a security guard at desk. He said he didn't know when I'd be seen. Told him I was leaving. He says ok... I left with no doctor ever seeing me. As I sat there overheard many people say they had been waiting much longer than me and saw many upset people walk out without being seen because of the wait.

One poor elderly lady 8 1/2 hours and spitting up blood. Tops 10 people in waiting room when I arrived and that included a family member with patient. Do NOT go here. They have zero sense of urgenance. None... I could have had a heart attack although I went there to prevent one. And I still don't know if I have heart issues. I'm sure if I didn't I do now with the stress I endured waiting to be seen and then told me that no heart doctor was available in the emergency room right now. Are you kidding me? What a terrible so called health care facility. Sure I'll be billed full cost of emergency room although had zero care. Zero compassion...