WeddingWire - Stole my Domain

Nov 26, 2021

Jaclyn Lehrer — USA

I purchased a domain through Wedding Wire thinking I would use their website platform only to find it incredibly confusing and hard to use, especially for my guests. I went and found another platform and asked Wedding Wire to send me the credentials over in order to forward the website domain onto another platform. I've asked them twice now and they said that they refuse to give it to me.

I spoke with the domain hosting site that Wedding Wire uses, EuroDSN, and they said that because my actual name isn't attached, legally they can't release it to me.

I paid $24.00 for it and it is rightfully mine. I also spent hundreds of dollars on creating wedding invitations with MY website domain and can't send them out now until this is resolved. I am extremely upset and would just like my domain credentials immediately. It's holding up my wedding planning and it's completely unethical.