Wells Fargo - Unethical behaviour acct# [protected]

Jan 04, 2022

Signature Roof Service LLC — USA

We have a business account with you, somehow an employees check was cashed for $20, 000.00 more then it should have been. We have been trying to get this corrected for more then 2 weeks. Bottom line is simply this. You gave out $20, 000.00 out of our bank account. This is your error not ours!! I have payments from Dept. of Revenue coming out, as well as payroll checks, and they will not be covered because you haven't taken the time to review our account, showing that we did nothing wrong! This is your error, and if this is not corrected by 01/05/2022 we will be seeking legal counsel.

Billie Jean Hogue
Signature Roof Service LLC