Westgate Resorts - Reservation cancelled

Nov 18, 2021

Oliver Muniz — USA

As a Westgate Owner since 2011 with Account Number [protected] I want to express my dissatisfaction with the treatment received by Westgate representatives. I had a reservation (# [protected]) booked with months in advance for a week (Nov13 to Nov20 2021) in Westgate South Beach to celebrate my mom´s 70th birthday.
Four days before departing, I received an email saying that the resort was going to close due to maintenance and that a representative was going to call me to assist me (thing that never happened). I called several times since that Monday trying to speak with a manager and looking for a proper solution, considering that I had purchased air tickets from Leon Mexico, an extra night in an airport hotel because we were arriving Friday November 12th at night and sport ticket events for use during our stay in Miami. The representatives at Westgate call center never offered me a solution, they just told me that soon a manager would call me to see my options, but I never received a call but the same Saturday 13th. where the person just said: "we are sorry".
I hereby request to compensate for my ruined vacations and expenses I made for this travel. I need my plane tickets reimbursed plus the extra night I paid in Miami (attached to this letter) or either be compensated with the upcoming fees for the next maintenance period that is due in the coming months (01/02/2022) to cover for our losses (more than $1, 500 USD) incurred from the breach of contract from the company. We expect Westgate attention in this matter asap so that we continue with our good standing membership.