WestPac Banking - Blocked Account and no Timely Avenue to Resolve

Apr 28, 2022

Frederick Eng-of US

My account has been blocked few times by Westpac due to suspected scam. The problem is there is no clear or fail safe avenue to lift the blockage of my account. Call centers cant do anything and the scam department are mostly not reachable. I am from overseas and my phone bills are so high just by listening to the call waiting music where at the end the customer service cant do anything (this time is Anh from Customer service 612-[protected].

My previous complaint ID CS14710006 dated 9.9.2021 and Complaint ID CS [protected] and Complaint_WBC0000107190_[protected] dated 20.5.2021 are relevant.

Today 28.4.2022 I got blocked again and I cant get in touch with the scam team, although waited for 30 minutes to talk to the Westpac customer service agent which as usual cant do anything.

Please call me at +[protected] as usual as I cant get hold of anyone that can do anything at Westpac as usual.

Thank you.


Frederick Eng