Whatever Works - My complaint is about your customer service

Apr 04, 2022

Preston7-of Bradenton, US

I ordered two of the metal cups that keep things hot or cold and the pack of 5 small flashlights. A message appeared on my screen that said my cart was empty. I hurried then to reorder. I then got two emails and each had a different order number. It was obvious that I had some how placed 2 orders. I instantly sent you an email explaining what had happened and requested that the second order be cancelled. Your response was that once it was ordered, it could not be cancelled. THIS ALL HAPPENED IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES... I received the second order a full week after I received the first one.

In my search in your wed site I read the section that clearly states that: ORDERS CAN NOT BE CANCELLED AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN SHIPPED.

Now I have talked to someone on the phone and I was finally told to open the second order and use the enclosed paperwork to return the second order for a full refund. A full refund would include all the extra charges P & H and TAX

$71.65. I mailed the second order back today. The Post Office told me that you had not included postage. Now you have cost me another $12.00.