WheelHero - Wheels and tires

Jan 23, 2022

Gil Benizri-of US

I have purchased a set of 20" fuel wheels with 37" Mickey Thompson tires TPS mounted and balanced with the so called special air.
When wheels arrived they were dropped off at the detail shop. When we took the plastic off we noticed that one wheel is flat and there are no lugnuts I have called and asked Luis he apologized and said he is going to express the lugnuts. 4 days later we get a package with the wrong size lugnuts. Another day goes by and now we get the correct lugnuts. We filled it up with air and it took about two days to go flat again. I have called Luis and he asked of me to take it to a tire shop and that he will reimburse me. (I love how instantly he had no value for my time) we have taken it to a tire shop and they replace the valve. So. Now I have air but the TPS is not working in that tire and the tire shop is telling me that I have to drive for a while before it will register again mean while I have a flat and I don't even know. I finally picked up my truck on Friday night only to wake up to a flat tire again.
I paid for mounted and balanced because I don't have the time to run around and handle that and now the shop I paid for to do that in advance are asking me to run around snd do what I paid them to do. I demand replacement for that specific wheel in order to lift the dispute I filed with my credit card. I have tried to resolve it with Luis but he insist that I have warranty. Warranty applies to product breaking within the warranty period not for broken out of the box. I paid for new products and insist of receiving what I paid for