WholesaleDeals.co.uk - Unauthorized money deduction from our bank account.

Feb 14, 2022

Ayeka-of Bedfordshire, GB

We bought their 1 Month Service Package which was 14.99 pounds on 19 November 2021, just to try. But we realized in the first 10-15 days that their service is no good value for money and after that we did not used it either, thinking that since it is one month package let it expire. But Wholesaledeals.co.uk has been quietly making unauthorized money deduction from our bank account for the next two months of December 2021 and also in January 2022, i think they will be doing it for coming months but we talked to our bank also about this. We noticed this lately from our statements and we sent them email but we did not get any reply yet. They even did not send any invoice email for all these unauthorized deductions they have been quietly making from our bank account. So guys be careful when you hand over your payment card information to them.