WinnCompanies - Unprofessional Management.

Apr 20, 2022

Latisha Chapman-of US

I live in the 2900 building in Washington, DC.

It's hard to contact anyone about this. The property manager and her boss are best friends. They treat there employee with the up most disrespect. The new rules she is making for our building is valuating our 4th Amendment Right of Privacy. I live there and I have to park on the street. Because the ours are hard to meet when you have a job. They get to work late and leave early. I also been trying to fix my account with them because of there mess up but she stop replying back to my emails. Like the emails is aggressive as well. She put a letter on my door. But don't want to respond, which is a quick fix. But she refuse to check my folder. She want me there with her to check my folder when she can do it when I am not there. IT'S THE SAME. Then she owe me money for towing my car when I am able to park in the parking lot. I bet the ticket and everything. Since the year started this been going on. Multiple things have happen and I am fed up. Because she leave early I can't get nothing done. So she want me to leave work to fix something that they mess. For example my rent. If you see a income change on the ledger sheet. You know something happen during that time. I will be sending a billing error letter to her today.. The picture I attach was during bad snow weather. I was park on black ice. She said she was going to give me my money back plus I had some starches on my car. But scare to give her this information because other things came up that need to be fix.