Wonder Bread - acrylamide

Apr 30, 2022

Magnum Popeye -of US

My complaint is this bread has no cancer causing acrylamide in it? How I'm I going to to get my bleached flour acrylamide intake now? I have been buying great value bread for ever. And was told that there was a cancer lable on the back, from some blue haired old lady! I was like waaa? So I had a look, yep there it was... Looked through the whole lot, every single loaf! Except one had the lable! Bet your wondering what one didn't have a cancer warning? You can see on the ingredients no bleached flour that's the big problem, with white breads.. All have the prop 65 warning.. No I'm not some hippy dippy worried about all the weirdest natural health mumbo jumbo. But I don't want cancer bread.. That's what I have been calling it untill I use the last loaf. (See not wasting my money) I'm like honey hand me the cancer bread..